Thursday 22 May 2014

The Scam

photo collage

I fear someone – whoever is making education system and social network decisions for us  - is secretly but systematically stealing the third dimension from our lives. We are gradually, ever so imperceptibly, being deprived of sight, the perceptive kind, the kind that comes of having a simultaneously tactile and visual understanding of the world, the understanding of colour, form, depth, texture, structure and the relationship between our eyes, hands, body and the physical world.
The result is that people are losing multi-point perspective on the world; they are becoming flat-screened. As they become more virtual, they are being directed to think about life in the false three dimensions: me, myself and more.
Why? Creative, imaginative, visually analytical people who think dimensionally and can perceive multiple perspectives at once; they live proactively. They are expensive and complicated to keep satisfied. Art education and exposure encourage people who no longer think this way naturally to begin doing so again, to begin thinking symbolically, analogically, metaphorically, critically and to begin having ideas that may complicate manufacturing, politics, religion, economics…

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